iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Individual design
Corporate gifts are so popular in our lives today that it is very hard to surprise employees, partners or customers with traditional gifts. However, any company wants to be memorable and the solution to this problem is creation of unusual gifts or souvenirs of individual design. We are happy to help you with this.


An accessory for mobile smart phones is a big opportunity to present to clients or partners brand souvenir. Especially popular are cases that not only protect your mobile device, but also a great advertising vehicle.

The individual design makes a souvenir very special. For example, a case could be made in the company's colors, decorated with extra details, not only the logo can be put on the surface but also name, some quote, or regards. You also can surprise the target audience with other gifts of the world of mobile gadgets. For example, a stylus with floating logo inside it? Or changeable phone case with the image of brand? Even such thing as a plug for the phone can become a masterpiece because it reflects the company's values and its uniqueness.

The production of individual design accessories – is one of our main activities. Experience of our company includes hundreds of successfully completed orders for production of souvenirs of individual design for major companies of the Russian market.

The advantage of our creative workshop is that the office of our company is located in China - the center of souvenir industry. When we create a model of your future order we focus on your needs and requirements, as well as the feature of the process of production souvenir. If required, designers and managers can go to the factory to consult with the manufacturer and examine the process of production so that your souvenir looked exactly the way you want it to be.

Our professionals are always ready to:

- Listen to listen demands of a customer about the products developed

- Design souvenirs, modify or supplement it

- Provide with professional advices on the order of optional equipment and packaging.

Your souvenir, functional and attractive at the same time, will be a source of surprise and joy for a recipient and for you this is a great marketing decision in the process of forming good partnership with the target audience.