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Terms of Cooperation

Terms of Cooperation

Price List

One of the central principles of our work is our individual approach to each and every client. Confirmation of this comes from the absence of our fixed price list. We are not a trading company or intermediary, we do not store corporate gifts, we produce the required run of gifts for a specific order.

The promotional gift business is not like a retail shop with prices in the window. There is always an individually tailored approach to gifts' production and personalisation. There is no two same production orders. Therefore our approach to pricing is just as specific. Specific to every client!

The unstable economic situation in the world is reflected in the price of raw materials used in the production of gifts, therefore in order to take into account possible future price rises, we have to factor all risks into our prices, meaning prices can become very unattractive.

We must not forget about shipping. The final price can very often change depending on means of delivery. It is difficult to predict in advance what method of transportation will eventually be used for delivery.

Our task is to avoid cheating you in our pricing, and therefore we carefully consider every request.

Send us an offer with a lower price than ours and we will offer a better price especially for you and provide a nice bonus when you order!


You can get information about the gifts you are interested in the following ways:
1. Use the request form if you have a request for a specific gift, not displayed in our catalogue.
2. Send us your own request for products in the catalogue or for an individually designed order to our e-mail addressinfo@i-gifts.su

The work starts being processed right after we get your request. Please include in your request as complete information as possible: sketches, quantity, materials of manufacture and other details for your gifts production. The more detailed your technical description, the more effectively and dynamically our work together can move forward. We will select a reliable producer for the product you need, choosing the most attractive in terms of price and production term, and we will send you a response within a day. We offer this service FREE OF CHARGE.

A response to your request includes all essential information: an image of the product, details of dimensions and materials, application methods, prices, cost of making molds, production times for the master copy and the full batch, and of course, delivery in accordance with customs clearing.

Before the full run is produced a master copy exemplar is manufactured, which we can send you by express delivery if necessary. Alternatively we will send a photograph by e-mail or hold a video-conference call.
If there are no problems with the quality of the master copy, the full production run will go ahead; if there are any objections, we will hold additional talks to introduce and confirm the necessary corrections. After the full production run is completed, the product is carefully packaged. Goods can be shipped by our company or by any other that you provide.

Production Terms

Production terms depend first and foremost on the complexity and quantity of the gift to be produced. On average production of gifts in China takes 10-15 days. But certain products, flash drives for example, may take only 4-5 days, whereas for textiles about a month is usually needed.

Payment Method

We work on the contractual basis with 100% payment in advance. 30% of total amount is paid in advance after confirmation of your invoice, and the final payment after the full production run has been manufactured. This is due to the payment methods established in China when working with producers.

Thanks to this cooperation we are able to achieve competitive prices and production times for gifts. Such high levels of service are not easy to reach working on a post-payment basis.

The company's qualified staff speaks several languages and understand all the finer details of production of promotional gifts. They themselves can answer all questions directly, forming a connecting link between you and the producer. Thanks to the direct and streamlined contact with Chinese producers we can actively offer competitive prices.

The package of services for working with foreign producers that our company offers allows us to significantly reduce your expenses and save you time.