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iPhone case with mirror

Ideal gift for the most beautiful part of a mankind is a mystery that men have been trying to solve out since many years. Dragon Gifts shares the secret of successful present for all ladies and is pleased to introduce – Mirror case for the phone.

This mirror case will be highly appreciated by the female audience. Having a means of communication and a mirror in one accessory is very convenient! You can choose a suitable model among the available range.


The first model is case made of durable plastic, the entire surface of which is a large mirror. There is no risk in breaking the mirror as it is just t a perfectly polished aluminum mirror surface.

The second model is a plastic case with a relief image of flowers and colorful patterns, with a built in mirror inside. There is a possibility to select any case color, as well as to make the necessary company application.

All the presented models allow free phone buttons and ports navigation. Due to durable material they protect your phone from damage and aggressive environment.

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