iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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The modern market of accessories for cellular phones is extremely varied and extensive. The range is designed for different tastes and needs of customers. Choosing a souvenir stand, pay attention to individual design, capable to take into account the specifics of the recipients and the audience and, of course, the value of the company-giver.

A range of models of mobile stands, apart from its primary function, attracts the attention as unusual appearance and decorating the table.


For example, very unusual on the desktop will look plastic stand in the form of tap with flowing water, which filling the "puddle" - in fact a sustainable basis stands.

For business people stand will be a great gift - a miniature replica of an office chair – boss chair or office managers. Chairs stand can be made of plastic, silicone, rubber, ceramics and other materials. It has enough space for logo printing on the back side.


Ceramic stand for mobile phones will be a real desktop decoration, bright shapes and colors will delight during working days. Ceramic bags, cups, cat with arching back, shoes - wide variety from hairpins to classical models. Model stands in the form of women's high heels shoes will be very comfortable place for "rest" for your phone. Ceramic stand in the shape of a ball is great present for sports fan, the range is from baseball to golf ball.

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