iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Silicone stylus

Stylus helps to use mobile device carefully and save its original appearance longer. Stylus is a small plastic or metal stick with a special top used as typing and managing mobile phone tool.


Nowadays everybody has self-phone, so there is no surprise that stylus are becoming more and more popular. However, not everybody ti buy specially buy this item, so companies wgich use souvenirs for promotion can take a great advantage of it.

There are wide range of promotional stylus all of which a perfect combination of usefulness and reasonable prices. By choosing this souvenir your get a great promotion since such an item wiil attract a lot of attention.


The most suitable for advertising is silicone stylus made from durable eco material and equipped with rubber top the also can be decorated with additional details, such as volume customer’s logo or figure of its product.


Even more effective is other one model which is actually a working top detached to the cleaner for the screen, on the surface of which you can print you logo. By the way, such an accessory is also equipped by stopper for earphones jack, so this multi-purpose item will be used everyday and remind of your brand as well.

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