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Power bank in the form of a lipstick and compact powder

Puzzle over the stylish and functional gifts for the beautiful part of a mankind? Considering how to surprise and attract attention of young girls and business ladies?

Dragon Gifts knows the answer! And recommends that you pay attention to highly demand gadgets – power bank made in the shape of stylish accessories that are must-haves in every women’s handbag bright lipstick or compact powder.

Lip USB 1 594w207 ENG.jpg

These external batteries feature not only chic design with glossy and chrome surfaces stand out by excellent technical characteristics. Varnished covering of a product makes its look attractive through the prolonged period of use.

Despite its compact body, the power bank made in the form of lipstick or compact powder features quite a serious amount of battery capacity starting from 2600 mAh and more, high speed charge of the most popular phones, smartphones and tablets, and a long period of operation not less than 500 cycles.

Lip USB 2 594h207 ENG.jpg

Power bank shaped a lipstick or compact powder can be made according to the factory design and is available in a dark or white casing with bright red or pink cylinder lipstick or blushes or produced by to your individual design. Each lipstick is complemented by a lid, and each powder box comes with a built-in mirror.

Lip USB 3 594f207ENG.jpg

These stylish mobile accessories look so realistic in womens purse or cosmetic bag that they are practically indistinguishable from the real models! And if a smartphone or tablet is suddenly discharged, this fashionable power bank will provide its operational charging anywhere, anytime!

Lip USB 4 594z207 ENG.jpg

The power bank is made of high quality and durable ABS plastic, equipped with a USB-port, and the LED-sensor that shows the remaining charge level of the battery.

Your logo can be applied on the outer surface of a lipstick or compact powder, and will work on your brand awareness through the entire period of these fashionable mobile accessories will be in use!

Give original gifts for stylish ladies! Dragon Gifts will produce the most attractive of them!

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