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Self-charging power bank

For sure, everyoone needs extra charge for their gadgets during different trips. And you are lucky if you have 220 volts or power bank, but what if even your power bank is run down? No problems! Here we come with our novelty!

Weekly new item from the Dragon Gifts Company - a compact self-charging power bank, which will forever change the situation and will help you save the connection with others!

SelfPB 1 594207ENG.jpg

This power bank will help you in the most difficult times and help to recharge a smartphone player, or tablet, without requiring an additional charge, without connecting to 220V! Power bank is refilled by the the solar battery. While traveling you just need to keep the battery under the sun.

SelfPB 2 594207ENG.jpg

But if it is rainy day the power-lever will fix it! The work process is very simple – you just need to connect your gadget with the power bank, using the usb, and roll the power-lever! That’s it!

SelfPB 3 594207ENG.jpg

Self charging power bank is a perfect promo gift for promoting every single brend connected with active life style, adventures, traveling and also a great idea for corporative souvenir for your business partners.

Your logo can be put on the surface of the power bank, which is made from high quality plastic.Your clints, buyers, partners, employees would be grateful to you every single charging during the trips.

Present useful gifts and Dragon Gifts Company will always introduce to you the best of them!

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