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Notecase for Iphone

The world of mobile accerosies goes on and on in bringing joy and fascinating solutions. You may ask what new can be brought on this marekt, but actually we just need to look back in order to find something new.

Dragon Gifts would like to introduce you a cell phone case with paper block for notes, pictures and other stuff!

iPaperback 1 594ENG.jpg

Of course, there are a great variety of mobile apps used for drawing, planning, making list of purchases, but you cannot argue with the fact that sometimes it’s so amazing just to write something with a touch of pen. By the way, its much more comfortable to take a look at a shit of paper in the shop than always open the app in the phone. When the list becomes useless you just tear it off and have a new one in order to create, write and etc.

iPaperback 2 594ENG.jpg

Notecase is made from high-quality plastic and paper block, which contains 80 sheets of paper. Case doesnt bring any additional volume and weighs just around 50 gr. Furthermore case can be made in every color even in the brightest one, factory model is suitable for the iPhone 5, but there is no problem in producing it in a size of other models.

iPaperback 3 594ENG.jpg

Your logo can be printed on the cover of paper block or on every page of it. If you want to case also can be accomplished by personalized mini pen or pencil.

Present unique gifts and Dragon Gifts Company will continue to introduce you new comers of souvenirs market!

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