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Coloring Power Bank

Recently promotional gifts with ‘Hand Made' theme get more popularity. Those kinds of gifts undoubtedly will be memorable, because using it people will get one more chance to show their creativity mind. It is always a pleasure to have some Hand Made' accessory or souvenir at home or at office.

Dragon Gifts Company is pleased to present you Coloring Power Bank! Useful gadget for the interesting art works!

PBPaint 1 594ENG.jpg

Coloring Power Bank is an incredible gifts for your companions, clients or colleagues. In addition to its practical component, this souvenir will make them feel like real artists creating their own unique masterpiece!

PBPaint 2 594Eng.jpg

And one more really interesting way how to use our Coloring Power Banks in advertising – is give it to all your company workers and ask them to paint it whatever they want. After it you will get totally different bright colorful Power Banks and you can present it to your clients. Your customers will feel your participation in every gift.

PBPaint 3 594ENG.jpg

Coloring Power Bank is made of environmentally-safe material, very soft for touch. As for technical characteristics it is suitable for several phone’s models and the capacity can be more than 2800 mAh.

PBPaint 5 594ENG.jpg

Power Bank can be made according to factorys design with different bodys colors, or by individual clients design, for example in the shape of your companys personage. To make the complete gift you can add paints and brushes.

Make creative gifts! Dragon Gifts Company will take care of your gifts producing it with high quality and right on time!

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