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Power bank for car enthusiasts

It is an open secret that the power bank has become one of the most popular business gifts for a variety of target groups. A huge variety of shapes and designs, functionality and practicality of the power bank make it an excellent brand medium!

That is why, Dragon Gifts company recommends paying attention to concise and efficient power banks, which will please all car enthusiasts - men and women of all ages and professions!


This compact power bank is made of high-quality industrial thermoplastic (ABS + PC), which combines the most desirable properties of these materials - high strength and heat resistance of PC material, flexibility of ABS material what makes this kind of external battery a useful accessory for your partners, employees or customers.


The power bank’s battery has a long life span (300 - 500 cycles) and capacity of 5200 mA, the charging time for smartphone or tablet comprises 3-4 hours. The charging time of the battery itself comprises 6-7 hours. On the outer surface of the power bank there is LED display showing the charging level and power supply. The power bank is equipped with a cable for charging smartphones, phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad.


Car brand logo, or any other logo, can be carried out as an independent part of a power bank or as relief image, created with the means of polymer resin technology transfer.

Be sure your partners, clients of car salons will appreciate this «must-have» gadget! And Dragon Gifts company will help you to choose the best model and produce the power bank shaped different forms!

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