iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Wristband Portable Battery

During long trips each of us face the problem that you cannot do anything. Wouldn't it be nice if you could watch movies, listen to music or play your favorite games on your phone. Unfortunately, the battery is not eternal and gets low quite fast.

We would like to offer you a charger in the form of a bracelet which will help to extend the usage of your phone or tablet.


Lightweight bracelet fits the arm. Inside the bracelet there is lithium-ion battery. Use it to charge your phone, iPhone, MP3 player, PSP and many other devices, because the bracelet is sold together with a set of accessories for the gadgets of different models. The battery is charged from electricity or using USB. And while it is charging you can already use it for answering calls or sending text messages, playing or watching a movie. There is an indicator that shows the level of battery charge.

Handy portable charger is useful not only on the road or in the countryside. You can use it in everyday life. With this charger you can charge your phone, when the battery gets low, for example, due to the power outage.

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