iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Holder "Glass"

Car souvenirs, perhaps the most versatile gift that can be presented and a work colleague, and friend and business partner, if that is the motorist. For example, look at the car holder.


Hands of the driver should be free and small gizmos like phone, writing utensils or lighters must not violate this rule. Dragon Gifts offers a large number of holders in the form of original cups. They are neatly fastens to the inner body of the car and maintain your stuff the whole way, without distracting and disturbing, but at the same time being close to you. 

Design fantasies embodied in this humble subject can say with all the strength and power. What only a variety of product you will not find in our portfolio. Holders of all colors and with different pictures or monograms made of various materials and methods of attachment. Convenience, practicality and appearance of the original car holder sure to please you and will bring a lot of fun.

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