iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Stylized handset is a very handy and useful accessory. Using such a handset possible at the same time talk and look at the phone screen, perform some any other action.

Stylized handset equipped with a high quality speaker and microphone, it can be used not only with the iPhone and iPad, but also with all mobile devices with an appropriate adapter or a USB adapter. The device has a 3.5 mm plug. As a supplement to the handset, we offer a creative stand for the iPhone, made in the old style of an ordinary phone. You can put iPhone on the special stand, make calls or respond on them by telephone handset.


More compact type of IPhone holders and speakers are “Horn” or Lego holders. In addition to its direct function, as a holder for IPhone, if you will put the mobile inside, it could amplifier the sound. The music or voice will sound louder. The holder made of silicone material, it is possible to print logo on it and produce in your corporate colors.


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