iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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iPhone case with floating stars!

Searching for eye-catching, stylish and functional gift suited for charming trendsetters, a souvenir that will highlight their individuality?

Dragon Gifts recommends paying attention to modern trend in the world of mobile accessories – iPhone case with floating stars and glitter!

istar 600o400 ENG.jpg

This elegant cover will not only protect your phone from the influence of external environment, but also will make your cell phone stand out from the millions of other devices! Cases fit perfectly to various iPhone models. The distinctive features of these glamorous covers are innovative design, rich colors, and an infinite number of amazing drawings. You can create a real masterpiece image, simply pressing the cover with a finger and admiring how floating stars and glitter between thin plastic plates begin to change, turning into bizarre work of arts!


Covers are made of high quality plastic, fully protect the mobile phone from dirt, dust, scratches and bumps at home, in the office or on the fashionable party, outside or at the open-air event! These sparkling covers are great gifts for bright and stylish ladies your colleagues, partners and clients!


Your company logo printed on cover’s surface will effectively work for your brand throughout the whole exploitation period and in every place visited by all charming trendsetters in beauty salons, trendy clubs, fitness clubs and shopping centers in other cities and countries!

Find new solutions! Give pleasant gifts! Dragon Gifts will certainly share unique ideas in the endless sea of souvenirs with you!

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