iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Wooden speakers

Wood is still widely used even in electronics. Wood is so good material for manufacturing, you can produce almost everything - from the wooden cover for laptops to the speakers.


These wooden speakers in size of a matchbox or in the form of a dog or apple can easily be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a nice pendant, attached to your phone or keychain. Their sizes are so small that they can easily fit in a pocket, purse or even in your wallet. But when the speakers start to sound, you realize that their size is not playing any role.


They are made of bamboo, is the best in the world tree conductivity. Speakers can be connected to your computer, mp3-player, phone, tablet and, of course, iPhone and iPad. Stylish wooden body, compact size, good acoustics and funny shape. In addition, these speakers can be easily moved from place to place, to bring to work or leisure trip. 

This miniature wooden speaker is a perfect gift for those who appreciate good quality sound. Inside built-polymer battery that runs for about 10 hours without recharging. Weight of about 20 grams.

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