iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Promo speakers

Today it is difficult to find a person without electronic gadget - as well as a person who does not like music. Such people will certainly be delighted if they get a gift in music gadget.  

Simple and efficient acoustic accessory is speaker. It is easy to connect to your device and enjoy the sound with excellent quality. Speakers range in power, design, size and number of additional functions. Basically speakers connected to the electronic handheld device with a cable, but some models are equipped with Bluetooth. That is very convenient, you do not have to take the phone out of your pocket or handbag, because there are no wires. Playing music files is possible not only from a phone or laptop, but also from such media as USB flash drive or memory card CD. Speakers charge from the battery, and can accompany the owner everywhere.


Great gift for the modern person, is not it? With such a useful souvenir companies obtain an additional channel of advertising and, consequently, the ability to attract attention to themselves of the target audience. Of course, you can choose any speakers and create them with corporate application.


There is more interesting and effective option - is to create a proprietary acoustics. Your speakers, for example, may take the form of the products which you manufacture or sell. Or create the form of your corporate character. Branded cans and bottles, phones, cars and many others - to manufacture speakers for various forms for professional manufacturers will not be difficult. However, you can order, for example, the usual form of mugs, bottle cap or a heart and print the speakers in your own company style.


Looks impressive acoustics, equipped with LEDs. Once assembled, the system looks like a ball, which is transformed by using a column with two hemispherical speakers, and there is holder for phone in the middle. Playing music is accompanied by colored lights flickering LEDs embedded in diameter round columns. Creative Lighting brand application in this case will attract additional attention.

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