iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Plush speakers

The most common shortcoming in the mobile phone is low speaker volume. But this is easily to improve by using acoustic gadgets: actual and practical.

If you cannot imagine life without music, necessarily in your arsenal should be speakers that will improve your mobile gadget to the mini hi-fi system.


The range of speakers includes a variety of models - from special only for a particular brand of phones to the universal sets. In addition, you can choose speakers in different shapes and sizes. For example, speakers in the form of plush toys look very charming, this is functional item and toy, and interior decoration. At desire it is possible to produce any toy - from funny animals and appetizing fruit to corporate abstract forms. To use the speaker toy is simply, just connect it to the mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player - and you will get an excellent surround sound.

Such speakers will be a wonderful gift to clients or partners for any holiday. You can create a functional toy in the form of a corporate character of your company or a symbol of the coming year. On the surface of the toy is enough space for personalization. Make corporate gift to those whom you respect and appreciate.

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