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The music cushion

A variety of sizes, shapes and set of features of speakers are able to satisfy even the most demanding person. Speakers can be taken on a journey, or use at home / office. What can you say about the speakers in the form of cushions? Listen to your favorite tunes with the comfort and fall asleep to music - tempting, is not it?

«Dragon Gifts» presents for your attention cushions with built-in speaker.


The right head position, while resting, defines your health for the whole day, so you need to choose a pillow that comfortably supports your head, at the same time remain soft and pleasant to the touch. And with our new product, you can relax not only comfortable, but also the "musical". Sounding music will not disturb others, a speaker built inside the pillow, for enjoying the music just put your head on the pillow. For working dynamics do not need accumulator or batteries. Just connect it to iPod, CD or MP3 player with 3.5mm audio jack.

Pillow Speaker - perfect for travel. On the way you can comfortably relax and listen to music. Also, any traveler will appreciate its compactness. An important advantage is that the speaker is quite easily removed from the cushion when it is required to wash.

Music pillow, can be performed in any forms, is a great item for your home. This is an excellent option for corporate gifts. You can choose the liked model of the offered variants, add a company logo or create your own design, which will be made on an exclusive gift for your colleagues, customers or partners. Choosing a pillow speaker as a souvenir, you personally make sure in all its features and benefits. And surely get grateful responses from those, to whom you will present such an original and, no doubt, very useful gift.

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