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Compact speakers

Which speakers for mobile gadgets to choose? If you cannot imagine your life without music, portable speaker option is designed specifically for you.


Their most definite plus is that they could place even in small pocket. There is the varied design of compact speaker models from small "bricks" in the style of Lego, or stylish leaf tree, the columns in the shape of a ball, miniature bombs or even the toilet shape. Each model has a general property: amplification of sound and giving it the required volume and depth. Any model provides not only the connection to the mobile phone, but also to your laptop, ipad, music players, and DVD. However, models of speakers ranging in terms of connection methods, operation time and the availability of additional functions.


Most speakers provide uninterrupted operation for 4-5 hours, but there are models that can relay the melody within 7-8 hours. Most speakers are connected to the electronic gadgets with wires or through a special connector on the surface of the devices, but there are wireless models that use Bluetooth. The main method of charging pocket speakers is USB-port of electronic gadgets.


Vibrating speaker is very original model in the form of a cylindrical shining box. This model of speaker does not have traditional membrane, Sound is transmitted through surfaces on which you put or hang this cylinder speaker. As a result, for example, a table playing jazz, mirror – rock and rapping chair. All this is possible due to vibro-resonance technology, when sound waves are transmitted through a solid surface, which eventually transformed itself into something like speaker amplifier. The vibro-speaker model can be used on any surface - from wood to glass, and no doubt, the sound of your favorite tunes will be perfect!

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