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Winter headphones

Preparing for winter season, think of cozy and warm clothes and accessories to fell comfort and stay warm. Winter collection of apparel and accessories may well be fashionable and functional.

For all funs of creative winter wearing and trendsetters Dragon Gifts is pleased to introduce winter headphones.


If you want to listen to music and stay warm, pulling a hat over your headphones or placing earmuffs over your ear buds might cause some discomfort. We offer an innovative accessories and apparel – a multiple ear muff/headphone solutions to keep your ears warm while listening to music. The audio quality won't wow audiophiles, but at least, you'll be able to feel your ears. To plug in the headphones, connect them to your phone, MP3 Player or iPod.


Headphones are made of thick warm material, on its surface there is a place for your company logo application. And also you can choose your special from a variety of colours, starting from classic black and ending on glamorous pink. Along with the standard models we offer headphones with fur, different colours and shapes: from the bright models with bows to animals shaped models.

Choosing winter headphones as a gift for your customers and clients, you present them indispensable and original thing warms and cheers up by favorite music.

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