iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Headphones with printing

The variety of stylish accessories for mobile phones never ceases to amaze. Everyone will find an accessory that would become his distinctive attribute. Someone chooses pendants in the form of the skull, someone buys screen cleaners like a plush toy, and someone follows strict classics with a modern edge.

It's always difficult to guess the preferences of your customers, when it comes to promotional gifts. If you want to create an original souvenir that would be useful for your customers, do not need complex solutions. Select Headphones classic shape with a full color application.


Due to the laconic and ergonomic design, the headphones look original and simple at the same time. Headphones are easy to use and are no different from the standard models. Except for the bright "cover": on the earpiece can be placed any full color image, it can be the logo, slogan or special character. On such a small surface is possible to place everything that you need.

The original image will add even more personality to this accessory. Please contact with Managers of Dragon Gifts, they will fully consult you about the possibility of printing on the headphones.

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