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Mini subwoofer

Let’s go in the music pace! Today we are pleased to surprise you with unique novelty which will be appreciated by all music lovers.

Dragon Gifts introduces mini subwoofers – the great invention for all those who cannot do without music.


New mini subwoofer is developed for all those who appreciated high quality sound. Now you can party any place! To do that all you need is mini subwoofer and the empty container, which can be disposable empty box, a glass of coffee container or the can of soda. Connect a part of mini subwoofer with the surface of the empty container and link it with the I-phone, I-pod, MP3-player or any other music device using a cord, and get the simple professional music system. Play your favourite treks and enjoy high quality bass sound.


Mini subwoofers are small in size but extremely practical in use. They operate from AAA batteries. Resistant stickers make subwoofers attach tightly to any surface. To clean the subwoofer simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Mini subwoofers turn the everyday objects into professional dynamics and allow you enjoy high quality sound any time and any place.

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