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Silicone pocket with mirror

Silicone mobile phones accessories hold the leading position among giveaways. Functional, colorful, eco-friendly and effectively working for the brand – these main features make the small promotional products successful, whether it is a holder, stand or case!

Dragon Gifts company presents another interesting idea on silicone accessories designed for smartphones silicone pocket with a miniature mirror!

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This silicone pocket will draw attention of the female part of your target audience, as it serves as a mini-organizer for credit and debit cards, ID and drive license, and is a constant carrier of the important and the most used female accessory a compact mirror! Pocket is firmly fastened to mobile phones’ rear, can be easily removed and leaves no traces!

2 594eng_.jpg

Silicone pocket with mirror is a great promotional gift! Pleasant to touch, made from environmentally friendly and sustainable to the aggressive environments material. This mobile accessory will work for your brand for a long time.

Your company logo can be applied by the method of screen printing, embossing or debossing. The souvenir comes in full spectrum of colors, starting from the most delicate shades to vivid ones, and is also available in brand colors according to your Panton.

Your employees, clients of your beauty salon or customers will be happy to receive a compliment made in the form of a cute and the right accessory!

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