iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Multi-function stylus

Stylus is another popular mobile accessory that becomes more and more popular every year. If earlier it was just a "stick", now there is endless variations of shapes, materials and a variety of additional features that make it an indispensable and functional souvenir for different types of devices.

Dragon Gifts offers you a multi-functional stylus for your favorite gadgets with touch screens!


Despite their multi-functionality, the stylus is simple and easy to use. It will provide your customers or your colleagues a comfortable working environment on virtually any digital device with a touch screen.


The stylus has a convenient construction for text input and writing; can serve as a stand-phone holder; protect the headphone jack from dust and small rubbish; as well as to perform the function of wiping the screen.


This compact and colorful souvenir is made of high quality ABS plastic and silicone, is non-toxic and safe for health. Your logo can be applied on the outer surface of the pen and will work on your brand among a fairly wide target audience - the users of smartphones and tablets - your customers or regular clients.

Give multifunctional gifts! Dragon Gifts will help you with the production of any of them!

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