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Waterproof cover with speaker

Mobile phones, smart phones or tablets have become our indispensable companions, making communication possible anytime and anywhere. Therefore, there are often situations, when we want to turn on our favorite sound track or answer the phone call when taking a shower or preparing delicious dinner for the family… As a result, we have to put too much unnecessary effort every time we want to use our device right and without any damaging consequences.

Dragon Gifts knows how to protect your smartphone or tablet from exposure to external environment and presents to your attention a versatile home assistant - waterproof cover with speaker!

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Waterproof cover with speaker is an excellent accessory suitable for your smartphone, tablet or MP-3 player! You can easily read an interesting book in the bathroom, play your favorite songs in the pool, watch an interesting movie while cooking at home and going on the picnic without a fear to damage your screen. Waterproof cases protect against dust, water and other liquids, however they are not intended for long-term water immersion (e.g. for diving more than 5 minutes).

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Waterproof cases maintain all touchscreen qualities of your smartphone or tablet, allowing you effortlessly operate the device. External waterproof speaker provides high quality sound. Fitted with a retractable stand, it makes gadget’s usage more simple and convenient.

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The waterproof cover with speaker is made of high-strength and flexible material - PVC, and can be used by both adults and children. Cover dimensions and its colors can be performed according to available factory forms or developed by your individual design. Your company logo is applied by the method of pad printing or screen printing, will remain a vivid reminder of your company for a long time.

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Be sure, your target audience, regardless of gender, age or profession, will express gratitude for this functional promotional gift that allows using a smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere!

Give functional gifts! Dragon Gifts company will assist you in choosing the best ones for any target audience!

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