iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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The most common accessory for mobile phone and IPad - an ordinary case. However, designers and manufacturers are doing everything to "ordinary" amazes with its appearance while remaining comfortable and functional object.

If you want to keep your gadget as long as possible in the labor and good condition, it is important to protect it from various damages, and the best way to do this Case.


Cases for mobile devices are great souvenirs, useful and attractive at the same time. Thanks to the designers of these utilitarian accessories can take any form. For example, be artfully stylized book with beautifully designed leather cover. Cover as cover - ideal space for the branding of the company-giver. Such "smart book" protects the gadget from external influences and damage, and the design provides ease of use: do not have to extract it from the "book", just open it. In some models, the cover of the book, provided inside pockets for credit cards and documents. A "smart book" for iPad expanded so that its front cover easily transformed into the cradle.

Another conceptual model for the cover of devices - an envelope. Exterior cover completely mimics the envelope, but in this model can differ by the presence or absence of additional components. "Envelopes" are made of leather, high-quality leatherette or dense tissue, without limiting the customer's choice of color and application. You can, for example, to place your company logo in the form of print, so characteristic of mail, "write" your address and "paste" brand name with the image of the company's products. "Envelopes" may be without fasteners, Velcro or magnetic clasp. In addition, some models imply folding envelopes within which includes compartments for credit cards, business cards and documents. Thoughtful design provides easy access to the ports of the mobile device - for example, to charge a mobile phone or connect it to the headphones, the envelope does not necessarily open the panel on the right port is uncovered.

Excellent cover model designed specifically for those who lead an active lifestyle and for whom sport - not an empty phrase. Wristwatch case made of neoprene or of a material combination with a skin or leather. The design provides the possibility to adjust the size of the belt, depending on the volume of the hands of the owner of the phone. In addition, the cover comprises a transparent part that allows you to see the phone and convenient design pocket gadget that allows quickly and easily extracting it.

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