iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Functional cases

Modern Cases for mobile phones are not only able to fulfill its primary function of protecting the gadget. Increasingly, manufacturers and consumers prefer multifunctional accessories.
From the usual miniature, handbags exclusively for storing phone covers transformed into purses and organizers. Now they can store credit cards, business cards, documents, money. Moreover, in some models have compartments for mini-calculators and pen holders.


Multi-covers made of leather, textile leather and other high-quality strong and durable materials. Designs vary from model to model - for example, a pocket for the mobile device separated from the main part of the cover zipper. Some cases, organizers are equipped with straps with carbines, so they fixed to the clothing or perhaps a backpack. Use different types of fasteners - flips, buttons, Velcro, zippers ... And, of course, the customer can choose any color cover, good color range is quite wide.


Excellent model of multifunctional cover designed for the female audience. "Defender" phone looks stylish thanks to the streamlined shape and elegant image of butterflies and embossed patterns on the surface. Thanks to the flip lid is easy to open, providing access to buttons on the unit and on the inner side of the lid with a cute mirror. However, that is not all: Case easily transformed into the cradle simple exhaust operation of the front and rear panels apart and fixing provisions of the "corner". You can give a souvenir to customers and partners, they remain very satisfied, because this case emphasizes femininity and elegance and its owner. Of course, it protects the mobile device.

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