iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Leather cases

Leather cases for mobile devices appear in status, expensive and solid, so it is - a present for obvious important partners and key customers. This material is attracted by its appearance, and protects the phone is not only from mechanical influences, but also from moisture. Leather Cases quite durable, easy to clean contaminated, and thanks to the plasticity and softness of the skin can save your device in the fall.

As an additional, very important for the client company benefits - easy application prints on leather goods.


Recently leather cases "acquire" additional details - for example, in their depths, new pockets and compartments for papers, documents, pens and credit cards. Perhaps pick up a souvenir with different types of fasteners, decorative elements, also covers the model is divided into horizontal and vertical loading gadget.

Variety of colors and texture of the skin impress anyone. Among the "female" models - red, pink, blue, green, silver and purple covers leather tanning and fine textured skin of exotic animals. "Male" model traditionally more restrained in color and usually used to create them not relief skin.

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