iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Felt cases

Fabric covers protect your gadget bag, backpack or pocket from scratches and other mechanical damage. Their feature is the variety of designs and therefore styles. 

One of the latest fashion trends - the use of felt in the souvenir industry. This 100% natural material is widely used, particularly for the production of covers and bags of various shapes and styles for mobile phones and iPad. Thus, one of the oldest materials has received a new round of development.


Unconditional advantage of covers made of felt: reliable protection from external damage, water resistance, and environmental safety. If we talk about the "intangible" factors, it is worth noting that when you take into the hands of thing, made of felt, once you feel a surge of warmth and comfort. Therefore, presenting customers, partners or employees felt covers, you also give them warmth and good wishes.


There are so many models of felt covers. For mobile phones, it can be sleek rectangular bag, skintight gadget, with or without a clasp. In some models, an additional pocket for credit cards. Other models include a strip of tape that used to secure the wire from the headphones. The sheath decorated with skin or cause drawings. Thanks to the technology of felt coloring may choose various color cover - from natural gray to bright pink or salad. Very positive look orange covers, decorated with strips of leather clasp.


For iPad felt covers are used, no less. This can be a normal "envelope" with or without zipper, concise folder or a stylish bag with handles. Various "natural" items can make a "defender" of your gadget even more attractive - for example, string, semi-precious stones or wooden buttons, which function as fasteners. 

On the surface of the cover may make the application of trade - particularly well and naturally will look applique.

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