iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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Concentrate your attention on the game. Ergonomic and compact joysticks specially designed to improve your performance.

How many times have you lost points and missed the victory, when your fingers slid across the screen mobile gadget, and you for a few seconds lost control over what is happening in the virtual world? Joysticks, designed specifically for adoring various mobile games, will not allow this to happen again.


Created entire collections joysticks, so that it is possible to choose the model that you will be most comfortable. For example, aluminum miniature joysticks, stylized car speed selector lever. Metal device bottom with soft material, so the screen of your device does not threaten any damage. Joystick easily sticks to the touch surface - and you only need to enjoy the game. When the game is over, just move the joystick - and it easily released from the surface of the screen, leaving no trace. You can choose any color option for your miniature assistant, while you do not need any additional details - wires or batteries.

Other models made of flexible and elastic in the form of transparent PVC circle of small diameter. In the models used the same principle of suction and easy slip on the surface of the touch screen, as well as high sensitivity to everyone, even slightly, the movement. With this "baby" you do not damage the screen gadget, increase the speed of the game and you will be fine to see the whole board.

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