iPhone and iPad shaped souvenirs
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With additional features

Stands for mobile devices - a great souvenir, and depending on the appearance they can be as a business gift, and effective promotional gifts.

Dragon Gifts presents stands with additional features. No longer need to keep the mobile device in your hands or use the improvise means to set it to the desired angle, in this will help you a smart souvenir - Magnet “Horseshoe”. Both ends of the holder equipped with suction cups, so just connect the horseshoe-magnet to the back panel of the phone or ipad - and watch movies, photos, communicate using the Internet. You can also use this little gadget as a retainer and wires manager or as a handle for mugs.


Silicone Stand is equipped with an egg-shaped speaker, the result that you get a clear, loud and surround sound because of this little thing. Your mobile device can be mounted in a special slot, vertically or horizontally. In addition, you do not have to remove the phone from the stand to recharge it.

An integral part of the silicone shell for mobile phone are two long silicone parts, with ending suction cups and very reminiscent antennas of exotic insect. Thanks to the sturdy mounting housing and stand become a single unit. Flexible "antennas" are multifunctional: they can serve as a table stand or dock the phone in hanging position on any vertical surface.

In addition, they perfectly cope with the content of the wires from the headphones, and generally delight the eye. A great option as a promotional gift, that you can choose any color and make the company applying at fairly large surface of the body.

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